About Us

Our Beliefs


At the core of our faith is the belief in a loving God who created us in His image. This means that every person is of immeasurable value and deeply loved by God. As followers of God, we strive to reflect this truth by treating all people with respect, compassion, and kindness.


We believe that God conquers sin and reconciles the world to Divine Love through Jesus Christ, who serves as the head of the church. As faithful followers, we place our trust in God and strive to emulate the teachings and example of Jesus in our daily lives.

Holy Spirit

We remain steadfast in our belief in the Holy Spirit as a guiding force and a constant reminder of God's continued presence and activity in the world. As believers, we recognize the Holy Spirit's presence as a powerful and transformative influence in our lives and in the world around us.


We firmly believe in the unity of God, Christ, and Holy Spirit as one divine entity. Through our worship, we honor and celebrate the holy trinity of God, who is deserving of our highest praise and devotion.


We are a people of the Word, committed to serving those around us and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to be a faithful witness of God's love, grace, and mercy in our community and beyond. No matter what your background or experience may be, you are welcome here!

The Bible

At The Lordship Church, we believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the final authority for all matters pertaining to faith and practice. We strive to be a church that practices biblical truth through faithful and loving obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our mission is to make disciples who follow Christ both in word and deed.

Service to Others

The mission of the Church is centered around serving others and working towards the establishment of God's Kingdom on Earth.

The Sacraments

We celebrate two: Baptism and Communion. It is through baptism that persons are joined in faith with Jesus and accepted into the fellowship of the church. The breaking of bread and pouring of wine are done in remembrance of Christ’s death and his resurrection.


Faith isn't not asking questions. It's asking questions, doubting, believing, and trusting. It's messy, it's hard, and it is worth it.

Our Story

Since 1922, we have been a beacon of light for our community

In 1922, a group of residents of the Lordship neighborhood of Stratford laid the foundation for the Lordship Community Church by organizing a non-denominational Protestant Sunday School to provide moral and religious instructions for the children and youth of the area. Soon, afternoon worship services began to be organized and visiting clergy were invited to lead them in the public school house. By 1927, having outgrown the facilities of the public school, we moved into a building on Stratford Road.

We moved to our current location in 1950, after purchasing and relocating a church building from Vermont. Since that time, we have been committed to spreading God’s Word and providing a loving community for our members and the surrounding area. 

Our vision is to be a church reaching out into the community, sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and nurturing the faith of the next generation.

As we reach our 100th anniversary, we are still a beacon of light for the community.